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HEALING LOG – Sinusitis & Abcessed Teeth

Posted by Thought Collective on July 21, 2008

I managed to get through my sinusitis and abcessed teeth without using antibiotics, of course. Instead, I followed my instincts and that inner voice that advised me what to take, when to stop taking it, and how to adapt my activities for healing’s sake. Here are exerpts from my Healing Log from that time:

On TUE June 24th, I was eating a cracker when a piece of it jammed up into the gum behind one of my front teeth (left, 2nd from front). When I pulled it out, it bled for quite awhile. This might or might not be relevant.

On THU June 26th, I felt a very painful toothache beginning in what seemed to be the same tooth. The pain was bad enough that I started taking 1000mg Tylenol every 4-6 hours. [I normally avoid taking pain killers, but I was in a lot of pain.]

By SAT June 28th, the pain was so intense that Tylenol was barely taking the edge off it at all, and wasn’t lasting more than about 2 hours. I phoned the dentist, even though the office was closed for the weekend and it’s a holiday weekend, and asked whether there was any way they could get me in as an emergency. I barely slept that night, as the pain kept waking me up. Started catching myself moaning with it, at times.

On SUN June 29th, I was so desperate to make the pain lighten up that I took Tylenol every four hours and began taking Extra Strength Echinacea Root Tincture. I also drank as much pure water as I could stand. In the evening, unable to sleep, I spent hours online investigating homeopathic & natural remedies, and started taking Aconite, Arnica, Pulsatilla, and the Inflam 1 that I had unopened from Wellness Technologies in Lethbridge, AB. I also began holding salt water in my mouth over the area. I experimented with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), but didn’t perceive any result other than a sense of taking action to help myself. I woke several times in the night to drink water and once to take Tylenol.

On MON June 30th, I woke with my upper lip, under nose, and left cheek/sinus area badly swollen. It hurt to move my head, especially to tip my face downward. The one tooth that had caused me so much pain was now not hurting much, but other teeth were hurting. Afraid it was sinusitis, I went to emergency. My family doctor, also a good friend and advocate of natural healing, saw me in his clinic and thought it sounded like sinusitis. He was concerned at how severe it looked, so he gave me a 3-day sample of Clarithromycin 500mg and sent me for a sinus x-ray. The x-ray didn’t show a raging sinus infection, but he said it was still likely. He also thought I might have a concurrent abcessed tooth, but that the dentist would determine that.

When I got home from the hospital, there was a message from the dentist that they had an opening. The dentist took a dental x-ray and confirmed an abcess of the front right tooth. He said that the x-ray showed an abcess in the 2nd tooth, too, but when he tapped on it, it didn’t hurt. So, he said I need to come back next week for a root canal; in the meantime, I need to treat the infection. He confirmed that I might have both an abcessed tooth (teeth) and sinusitis, which is what it feels/looks like to me.

I tried several times to pop one of the Clarithromycin pills out of its bubble pack, but my body is violently rejecting the idea and I’ve been unable. I decided to give myself until TUE morning, to see if I can make some improvement through natural treatments.

I followed up by stopping the Tylenol and just taking the extra strength Echinacea tincture, Inflam 1 homeopathic, lots and lots of water, salt water rinses, and applications of 100% tea tree oil – externally and a tiny dot dabbed on my gums just under the infection. I also ate what I craved – garlic & turmeric in tofu, and not much else. I wanted to take fresh plantain juice – I even juiced it, but then it kept telling me it wasn’t the one, and the echinacea root tincture kept calling me back over to it, so I decided to trust the wisdom of the herbs I have known and loved for so long. Within the first day, the swelling was noticeably down, and completely gone within 3 days. The spot beside/under my nose is still tender to the touch.

So here I am, a few weeks later, feeling as good as if it never happened at all. I didn’t go back for the root canal, but I’m a little nervous about that. I have had several root canals, and every one of the teeth has become brittle and/or blackened, and some have eventually had to be extracted anyway. I’ve been hearing whispers of tooth regeneration, and I’d love to hear more about that, if anyone knows about it. Someone somewhere, long ago, suggested fresh alfalfa for tooth regeneration. Have you heard anything about this subject?

…and yes, I did note that I allowed myself to go into “fear mode” over this healing crisis. You’d think that at my age I’d be better able to redirect that energy, but I was in extreme pain and not at my best. I had sinusitis once before and came very close to dying from it. Someone in the town next to me had it at the same time, and she did die from it, when the infection ate through the bone and hit her brain. That’s really how bad it felt, too – like something chewing through the bone and heading for my brain!

On the other hand, I want to treat myself with love and kindness, and give myself a big hug for trusting my green allies – both the ones I used, and the ones I declined. That’s the kind of healing I want to participate in, and the kind that always brings me the quickest, gentlest recovery.

Your comments, suggestions, experiences, or insights are welcome. The comments section is moderated, so it might take a day before your comment shows up, but I will read every one!


16 Responses to “HEALING LOG – Sinusitis & Abcessed Teeth”

  1. weesandy said

    Please note that this site is NOT a place to get advice on any medical issues, just a place where I share what I’ve learned & experienced, and what has worked or not worked for me. Anyone reading this, if you have any question or doubt about what the right course of action is for your health, you should consult a health care professional such as a naturopath.

  2. Rachel Weaver said

    Moderator’s Note: The following submission represents the author’s educated opinion and should not be considered as medical and/or dental advice. Try at your own risk and discretion.

    Here is a little bit from the book I am writing – I am a mother of 9 and a Master Herbalist

    Black Walnut
    “The Household Dentist”

    I read it again, and again. “You can fill in your children’s cavities,” it promised. This was not some “fly by night” firm. This was a reputable family-based business. I kept promising myself that I would order some to check it out since our one daughter had trouble with cavities but it was a rather expensive kit and I did not get around to it. Then I enrolled in the “School of Natural Healing” to get my Master Herbalist Degree and somewhere in the course, Doctor Christopher talked about black walnut healing teeth enamel. I was intrigued. I purchased his tooth powder and gave it to my married daughter to try. She used it faithfully and said that it took away the pain in her teeth, but that it was not enough. It did not seem to fill in the cavities that she always dealt with. Her diet was good, but she had been a premie and I did NOT understand nutrition when she was little. She was missing some necessary mineral or something.

    I kept searching. Then one day a midwife friend, who knew that I worked with lots of people’s health problems, gave me six or seven bottles of black walnut glycerite from the food co-op that her husband worked for. They had just gone out of date and she thought that maybe I could use them for someone. Interestingly enough, I had just read about how black walnut helps with cavities that week and here was my chance to try it. I was having tooth pain from some cavities that I had. (I dislike going to dentists) and so I immediately went to work swishing black walnut in my mouth and presto! My toothache was gone. If it would return, I would swish a few times a day and it would be gone for awhile. Then it went away and did not return, Interesting!

    I gave it to my children when they got toothaches and if we were faithful and swished two droppers three or four times a day for a week or two, the cavity filled in. I was impressed. Now I wanted others to experiment on to prove my theory. I could not find much info anywhere on my idea, but it seemed to be working.

    One day I got a call from a friend. “Can you come over quickly? Our son was in a bike accident and his face is all messed up. We’d like your help.” I went as quickly as I could. His face was messed up, way too messed up for me to deal with! I am not a doctor! I do not do surgery! One glance told me that he would need extensive stitching to fix him up. There was a huge split above his lip and the skin on his lower jaw hung slack. I sent them in to the hospital for repair, wishing that I could have helped them. The next morning she called and asked if I had anything to repair teeth. The doctors had put in about 40 stitches inside and out and told them to go to the dentist since his front teeth were all cracked and would need extensive work. X-rays agreed, and the dentist told them to come back in two or three weeks when his mouth was healed up and she would begin to work on the teeth. We all knew that, that would be expensive. Dental work always is these days. I thought of my black walnut tincture and gave her a bottle with these instructions:
    Use 2 or more droppers of this in a small bit of water. Swish it around in the mouth and swallow it. Repeat at each meal time and just before bed.

    Of course that was just a good guess and I had no idea what the results would be. But it would not hurt to try. Imagine my surprise and delight when she phoned me after his next visit to the dentist two weeks later. “His teeth are fine. The dentist got him into the chair and took a look at his teeth and said, “There must be a mistake. He does not need any work on his teeth.” “Get the x-ray,” requested my friend. Mr. Dentist obeyed and behold, the x-ray showed very cracked teeth.

    “How did the teeth heal?” he asked. “We used black walnut tincture,” replied my friend. “Never heard of it.” said the dentist. “But his teeth are fine.” And you know what, that is all he said. He did not ask to learn more. That is so sad. Think how many people he could have benefited with that knowledge.

    This incident gave me the courage to really begin to introduce folks to the healing benefits of black walnut. I have found that children’s teeth heal more quickly than adults. In adults it takes the pain away and sometimes it heals their teeth. Other times it is only a pain reliever. I suspect the reason lies in the fact that the potassium actually aids in the repair in young, healthy children and younger adults, and in older adults who heal less quickly, it sometimes only does a temporary fix because our bodies are aging.

    Today I read this little comment. “A lady told me that she took her son to the dentist and he had a cavity. They scheduled to get it filled two weeks later. She had him brushing with black walnut powder and when they went back to the dentist, the cavity was not there.” I was encouraged. Black walnut powder does work, but it is messy. I like the tincture best, myself. It so easy to swish and swallow.
    Since that time quite a few folks have taken my tincture and really feel that it helps. Some of these folks are in their 50’s. They feel that it has helped them keep their own teeth longer, without so much work at the dentist. Some of the folks are younger people with families and they tell me that it has helped them avoid many fillings.

    For toothache and for cavities: Put 2 droppers of tincture in about 1/8th glass of water, swish well and swallow. Repeat as often as needed, at least 4 times daily.

  3. Judy said

    Has someone actually had teeth regrow? How I would love more info?

  4. Fairly nice article, really educational stuff. Never ever thought I would discover the facts I would like in this article. I’ve been looking throughout the internet for a while now and was starting to get irritated. Thankfully, I came onto your website and got exactly what I was searching for.

  5. weesandy said

    The University of Alberta, in Edmonton, has made some recent strides in the field of ultrasonic tooth regeneration. Here’s their article: http://www.engineering.ualberta.ca/nav02.cfm?nav02=47557&nav01=18430

  6. Is it safe to take black walnut tincture while breastfeeding? or pregnant for that matter? I am not pregnant but I am breastfeeding, just curious because I am having issues with 3 of my teeth. Where is the best local or online place to buy a good one, or does whole foods carry it? I live in LV Nevada. Thanks!

    • weesandy said

      Sorry, I have no idea whether or not black walnut is safe while breastfeeding or pregnant. However, here’s a link to a blog that addresses the subject: http://www.kellymom.com/herbal/herbs_to_avoid.html I’m in western Canada, so I wouldn’t know where you can buy black walnut in Nevada. Out here, all of the natural foods stores carry it in one form or another, whether powdered, capsuled, or tinctured. That would be where I’d recommend you start looking for it, if you decide to use it. If anyone else reading this has a clearer answer to your questions, please write in! 🙂

  7. Mark Sutherland said

    Thanks for the black walnut info!! Just wanted to add my two cents worth and say that I used to have major tooth decay problems, spent a couple thousand so far on my mouth. Then about 6 years ago I started using Biodent from Standard Proccessing. I chew up about 12 pills a day, and have not been back to a dentist since! I did chip a tooth about two years ago and it has not grown back so will try the black walnut. It seems that the chip is a little better, but still has a ways to go.

  8. Janine Sechler said:

    January 29th,2011 11:35am

    I look at this website around 2007,don`t remember the month. But I have believed in regrowing
    teeth since 1970,everyone thought I was crazy for believing in that way.They would say: come
    down to reallity and get real.No one can do anything like that.Since I know deep in my soul
    that it could be done.The only person that I have known who has done it,Dr.Willard Fuller in
    Flordia which has grown four sets of teeth in his years,but Dr.Willard Fuller pass away
    4-09-2009.You can still log on his website though at:www.WillardFuller.com. His wife is carring
    out his work. I am also into a few healing moldalities myself,I sure can use some help in that
    area.I also believe in herbs,and fasting.Best wishes for everyone who reads this.

  9. Deb K said

    I purchased Rachel Weaver’s book last summer and have referred to it on a daily basis for many things in our large family. We used the herbal solutions given in there for a brown recluse bite on my son the day after purchasing the book and I believe it saved us from months of skin grafting. Fantastic book! Thank you Rachel! We’ve successfully dealt with toothaches in our large family too. You mention in the book making a tea (instead of tincture) with black walnut powder and a few other things. Seems easier than the tincture but I can’t imagine drinking a tea made from powder instead of leaves. Do you just mix it all up and drink it or is there a straining process? The book is not really clear on that.

    • weesandy said

      You might want to check with the author of the book for answers to your questions. I do know that teas, decoctions, and tinctures all may extract different healing properties from the herbs they’re made from. So if it says to make tea, there may well be a good reason for using that instead of a tincture. Again, I’d check with the author.

  10. Kate said

    I am in agony..with abscesses and sinusitus— I have been through all this before..I don’t want to take antibiotics but I have lost my way and been trying to poison myself and not express me for too long now and can’t find my healing voice or strength, that is maybe why I have got ill again …I am terrified and full of pain and fear with all the threats of death and serious disease if I don’t take antibiotics and have I the time when I have to rush of to a job I dont want to do just for the money. I don’t know if I have the strength and love and trust in abundance to stop myself doing something that fills me with fear..I want to go home to heal. Can I trust healing energy and me again, can I believe again in my own voice my own healing so thanks for your article it has given me some time to think and trust and at the moment the antibiotics remain at the pharmacy and I wish us all strength and trust and healing

    • weesandy said

      I am so sorry you were suffering. It says here that you submitted your comment in February, but it just showed up for approval today (September 9th). I hope you are in a healthy, happy place by now.

  11. Julee said

    It is so easy to go into “fear” mode when we are in pain. I am so glad that you were not too hard on yourself for it. I had a similar lapse recently with the advent of tooth trouble. I actually did have the tooth removed as it was a rear molar. Now I also have been experiencing pain in an upper molar, but have decided to take the opportunity to work with herbs and nutrition to heal it. Thank you for your suggestions, and allowing others suggestions here. I will be trying the black walnut tincture. Here are some of the things that I have been trying. Cayenne tincture works wonderfully for the pain as well as oregano oil. Lots of garlic, internally as well as slices between cheek and gum above the tooth that has the infection, this seems to reduce the pain, probably due to helping reduce the infection. I had seen the research on the ultrasound, and have purchased an ultrasound machine from ebay to start working with it. Very excited about that. Oh… the crazy blessings of a toothache, I am for the first time feeling empowered in regards to my teeth!

  12. click here said

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    argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa). You definitely put a brand new
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  13. eva said

    i have had chronic sinusitis i always had to go for anibitic not 1time and not just 2 it was 3 prescibed after another 825mg amoxTrax highst antibiotics one’s twice it hurt so bad i felt it threw my jawline of my teeth and face couse of it. i read in an home remedy book if u put garlic exstract drops in ya nose it will make it stop i had none of that but i had cloves of garlic in the fridge so i boiled a lil water turned the water off the burner got a 1piece cut it long ways in three big pieces put in the water do not cook the galic u need live organisams for this just put in the freezer to cool when it is cooled get a teaspon and snort the water slowly threw one nasal wile holding ur finger on the other nasal closed keep nasal closed and blow out the water dont be surpized if u blow out alot of gunk out and can breath 100times better do the same thing 3times on each side or until all gunk is out of the nose conals pain will go away in 15 to 45 mins. matters how bad the infection is. do it 3times a day if needed. Plus it has woderful side effects if u have sore throwt and ear infection it will take care of that too! since ur nose, ear ,throwt are all connected it works really well from the inside im sure u can use it as ear drops too since the ingredent is natrual sulfer from the galic pls dont be afraid of the smell u would think u be smelling it all day couse it goes in the nose but the only time u will smell it is when it 1st. goes to the nose and threw after that u dont smell it just rinse ur nose off with cold water helps reduce the smell off the skin hope this helps. its helped me havent ben to the doctor since so far almost 3yrs now thx for listening

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